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Die Irrlichter

Die Irrlichter is a German medieval folk–band, that performs folk and medieval songs, as well as their own compositions. The band’s name translates from German as “will-o’-the-wisps”. According to ancient beliefs, it is evil spirits, which knock the travelers..

Faun – Totem (2007)

I can call Faun’s music relaxing neo-folk with acoustic guitar and beautiful vocals. I’ve heard a lot of band’s discography earlier but Totem is my favorite album. The main themes of the album..


Sava is a German folk band which was founded by Birgit Muggenthaler and Oliver “SaTyr” Pade in 2004 as a cooperation between the two folk musicians from Schandmaul and Faun. The idea of ​​developing a folk project had..

Adorned Brood

Adorned Brood is German folk black metal band that was founded in 1993. Adorned Bood is not a typical black metal band. It is a mixture of black-, death-, thrash metal with medieval elements..