In Legend – Stones At Goliath (2015)


I think everyone eventually finds something special for himself. Something that is different from everything you’ve listened to earlier. So at the time In Legend appeared in my MP3 player. Van Canto is a German a cappella metal band. They have only keyboards, drums and bass. The band, created in 2010 by the drummer Bastian Emig, released their first album titled Ballads’n’Bullets in 2011. The second album was released four years later, and it had no genre frames and boundaries.

Stones at Golath is something special. It is not another album, reworked by the label to something that will be sold well and lost its idea, which the authors put in it. No, this CD was released independently, with the help of a crowdfunding company, in which fans invested their money for the album to be released. In Legend achieved their goal in five days. They love their fans, and their fans love them. This amazing interaction allowed finally to release the Stones at Goliath, and we can hear it exactly in this way in which the band wanted us to perceive it. There are 14 songs, any of which is different.

When you listen to “Come on, jump off! To new horizons!” you understand that you really want to jump, and this life is quite good. And then begins the softly gloomy song “The Voodoo Girl”, written on the poems of Tim Burton, filling your head with slow, sad music. In “Empire of Concrete”, the beautiful keyboards create a magical, exciting melody and take you to the magic world – “… Mountains we’ve been to, valleys, we went through … Lost, but alive …” Daring, ironic ” King of Apathy ” impress you by its power, and the warm and airy song “Lonely ” touches your heart, and you can not stop singing “Choose the changing, choose rebellion … “, with a girl’s choir. In general, it should be noted that the choirs are one of the advantages of Stones at Goliath, and three of them participated in the recording, including the children’s one, which we hear on “Empty Place”. Light and gloomy, thoughtful and carefree, these songs are 14 little worlds.

In Legend always try to make the listener to love life, and the lyrics of most of the songs on this album continue this line. “Come on, do something, believe in yourself, make the world know your name!” Oh, this band will support you when you feel bad, and will rejoice with you when you feel good. When you give your music to a company, you should be prepared that you will not get exactly what you wanted to get out. InLegend avoided this, and nothing was lost because they released Stones at Goliath on their own. It’s not just a band without guitars. It is really something special and original.

The Breakdown

Envoyes Of Peace
To New Horizons
Empty Place