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Four guys wearing tight pants, leather jackets, high boots, with guitars, are performing rock music, which combines dance motifs and lyrical texts. It may seem that it is a British band. But suddenly..

Die Happy

Die Happy is a German alternative rock band from Ulm. The band’s name in English extreme slang means simultaneous neck and leg fracture. Critics determine their musical style as popcore:..

Die Irrlichter

Die Irrlichter is a German medieval folk–band, that performs folk and medieval songs, as well as their own compositions. The band’s name translates from German as “will-o’-the-wisps”. According to ancient beliefs, it is evil spirits, which knock the travelers..


Unzucht is gothic-industrial-metal-band from Hanover founded in 2009 by its lead singer Daniel Schulz and his friends Daniel De Clercq, Alex Blaschke and Toby Fuhrmann. The original band membership remains..


Stahlmann is a German industrial metal band that was founded in Göttingen. The band perform in such styles as Neue Deutsche Härte, Industrial, EBM, the band combines in their songs the..


I would like to tell you about a German DNH band Eisbrecher, which was founded by singer Alex Wesselsky and guitarist Noel Pix. Earlier they were members of the band..