Tanzwut – Schreib es mit Blut (2016)

Tanzwut – Schreib es mit Blut (2016)


“Schreib es mit Blut” is the tenth full-size work of the band in the record. In this album, we can already find a nostalgic electro-folk charm of the first Tanzwut albums. Invisible, elusive, of course, not in all tracks, but it is.

Dominant German band on the folk metal scene do not let the fans get bored: “Schreib es mit Blut” is their sixth full-length album in the last six years. For our days, it is unbelievable productivity, and yet they do not forget about concerts! Well done, of course, but there is a downside to this activity – Teufel and his comrades do not have enough time to search for something new. The new album is similar to its predecessor “Freitag der 13.” as two drops of water, and that album did not shine with revelations – all the same bagpipes, all the same guitars, all the same, characteristic vocals of the band leader. However, how vigorous and what is the most important – how hot they did it!

The “Schreib Es Mit Blut” track, already known for the public, opens the long track. It represents the typical sound of modern Tanzwut, with the standard track construction. Clinging motive, dynamism, expression – “Schreib Es Mit Blut” will obviously enter the tracklist of upcoming concerts. “Steig Ein” slightly slows down, giving a roll to the folk-rock sound. But with the song “Bruder Leichtsinn” begins the most interesting part of the album. This track is filled with philosophy, nerves and a certain fatality. And it’s completely different from the music which Tanzwut is doing right now. It seems like a kind of fresh look from the past.

Yes, there is nothing unusual here, but there is no effect “wiping”. Repeatedly copying itself in terms of stylistic, Tanzwut avoids the reuse of vocal moves and melodies, so their new songs are really new. And maybe there is no effect of the bomb, which was produced once with the release of “Ihr Wolltet Spass” (2003) and “Live” (2004), fans of German folk metal invariably accept his new works with a big favor. “Schreib es mit Blut” owns the highest achievement in the Tanzwut music history. This album took the 26th line in the German charts and I must say that this album deserves all of this.

So, Tanzwut with a sharp goose feather and thick blood wrote a tale of the past and the present. Of course, I would like to see the development of the dark reverie of the electro-folk subgenre in that “vintage” form. Although we have such hints in “Schreib Es Mit Blut” and I am already very pleased. Deep and ambiguous work. Bravo, Teufel!

The Breakdown

Schreib Es Mit Blut
Steig ein
Bruder Leichtsinn