Reamonn Eleven Live & Acoustic

Reamonn Eleven Live & Acoustic

Reamonn is Irish name given to Raymond. Reamonn is a German rock band which was formed in 1997. The first title of this band was played on New Year’s Eve of 1998. Reamonn has influenced the German rock music massively and therefore it is regarded as one of the leading rock bands of Germany. “Eleven” is also regarded as one of the finest albums of this band which is recorded in 2010. Three tracks of this album particularly Yesterday, Colder and Let the Morning Sleep are casino related. It is because the location chosen for the recording is Kurhaus Casino in Baden-Baden. In December 2010 the same album was released publically at Kurhaus Casino. Maybe not every fan of the band can afford visit this place, but certainly everyone can treat himself by popping in casino website at The sad part is that the band completely split after this release and decided to concentrate on their individual musical careers. (more…)

De/Vision – Unplugged (2002)

De/Vision – Unplugged (2002)

What is the difference between this album of De/Vision and previous ones? First of all, different styles in the one album are good combined here, the melodic death metl acts as a basis,..


Sava is a German folk band which was founded by Birgit Muggenthaler and Oliver “SaTyr” Pade in 2004 as a cooperation between the two folk musicians from Schandmaul and Faun. The idea of ​​developing a folk project had..


Heldmaschine («Machine for heroes») is a German industrial metal band formed in 2011 in the city of Koblenz. The band was known as Völkerball up to 11 May 2013. Their songs resemble the songs..



Gregorian is a German band that performs well-known pop and rock songs in the style similar to the Gregorian chants. All songs are performed by the choir of 10 people. Although..

Van Canto

Van Canto is a metal band with elements of a cappella from Germany. It was founded in 2006 and consists of five singers and a drummer. Despite the fact that they..