Rammstein – Mutter

Rammstein – Mutter (2001)


The third studio album of German superstar metal band Rammstein became a difficult for the band and at the same time pressure test. After the super-successful “Sehnsucht” [1997] and the live album “Live aus Berlin” [1999] that reinforced this success, Rammstein simply did not have the right to make a mistake.

The band’s sound in the first five years of their work was a somewhat monotonous guitar music with tough but simple riffs, almost without improvisation and solo, with a clear bass and the same kind of drum-drums. But nothing lasts forever, and the music of Rammstein is no exception. And in April 2001, something happened that should have happened long ago – the third, completely new studio album of the band was released.

But only the deep, solemn bass Lindemann, perfectly conveys the tiniest nuances of the always excellent lyrics of the group. It is well noticeable that with each new album the lyrics of the band are getting better and better – here they are filled with numerous allusions, an unsurpassed play of words and, of course, brilliant humor and self-irony.
Of course, the album does not radically differ from the previous works of the band. It is made in the same post-industrial style; here you will hear the same hard, rhythmic guitar music. But the main difference – the sound has become much more melodic and diverse. Guitars began to sound much softer, compared to early works, there were original solos.

Perhaps, the most long-suffering of all the albums of German musicians Rammstein and at the same time – the strongest album in their entire creative career gave them exactly the impetus that was necessary to win the musical Olympus.

No doubt, it is the best album ever. And what to hide, one of the best albums in this genre. Whatever the song, it’s a hit. The album does not let go from the first song to the very end.

Well, in general, super! In many respects, this album became the peak of Rammstein’s fame. Feuer Frei made a soundtrack to the popular film “XXX” … People realized that these German guys can play not only techno metal with pop elements but also high-quality, melodic music that takes one’s soul. And that means a lot … I would even say that their music has become more intellectual and philosophical.

In my opinion, Rammstein explicit a real rise of the group. I advise everyone, at ldast, to listen to this unique music album.

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