Tokio Hotel – Kings Of Suburbia (2014)

Tokio Hotel – Kings Of Suburbia (2014)


“Kings of Suburbia” is the fourth studio album and the third studio album written in English by the German band Tokio Hotel, released on October 3rd in Germany and on 6 of October in the world under the label Island Records. This album turned out to be mostly electronic and leaves the impression that musicians smoothed every phrase and every chord. Such songs as”Feel It All”, “Dancing In The Dark”, “Never Let You Down” and “The Heart Get No Sleep” became my favorites from this new album. But a real hit for me is “Stormy Weather”, which, it seems to me, took the best from origins of Tokio Hotel, namely from the musical 80s. This song contains a little synth-pop, a bit of a disco and of course, perfect vocals of the amazing Tokio Hotel.

It should be mentioned, that for the sound base used electronic bits and synthesizers, which made the overall sound of the Tokio Hotel more mainstream and averaged, but still the music remains refreshed and enriched. They unexpectedly used violin, viola, and cello for the title track “Kings Of Suburbia” and in already mentioned, “Invaded”.

In the album, musicians tried to combine electronic sound with such instruments as guitar, bass guitar, and percussion instruments. However, there are two slow compositions, recorded using a classical piano – “Run, Run, Run” and “Invaded” – nevertheless, the vocals are considerably amazing. Every song brings new unique sound and evokes new sides of Tokio Hotel.

Someone can say that Tokio Hotel changed its style, but for me, the honesty of the artist before the audience begins with his honesty before himself. The previous albums of the group were mostly created on tours. The creativity of the group has been fed – tours around the world, thousands of faces every day before the eyes, euphoria, and tediousness of live shows. This album is a musical projection of the life of Tokio Hotel members. Memories about loud parties, travel, wearing guitar riffs and unusual electronic samples, are accompanied by the vocals of the famous band frontman – Bill Kaulitz.

This album helped me to see another side of Tokio Hotel, to feel their variety, to experience new emotions. It has very good sound quality and interesting design. Tokio Hotel, as always, on the top. When you listen to the album, it feels like group members have grown up, but they have not become ordinary, boring people and they continue creating wonderful songs that you want to listen to again and again.

The Breakdown

"Feel It All"
"Stormy Weather"
"Run, Run, Run"