Kissin’ Dynamite – Generation Goodbye (2016)


Kissin’ Dynamite is one of the modern bands, which combines two quite incompatible things: the youth and serious professional experience. At the same time the band members are still very young and full of energy, and most importantly, of enthusiasm, to express their love to music in a very energetic manner. Now the members of the band are about 25 years old, and they began their career when they were 15-16 years old, and for most of them it was not the first project. Yes, youth has disadvantaged – for example, you want everything at once. So, that’s why the musicians for a long time couldn’t choose the style in what they want to perform, and at times they tried to use absolutely everything in one album, as it happened with the previous album Megalomania.

The fifth studio album by Kissin’ Dynamite is carefully designed. It has everything what their fans need. The sound is not as “old school” as the first three CDs, but it isn’t as modern as the previous album. What’s interesting is that the frontman and main songwriter of Kissin’ Dynamite, Hannes Braun, acted as the main producer of this CD. So eventuallythe most meaningful album of the band in terms of songs selection was released. Generation Goodbye has an exciting beginning, active actions in the middle and the calm ending, which turns to a very dramatic finale. Therefore, you should listen to this album consistently, especially the first time, from the first to the last song…

The album begins with a hit “Generation Goodbye”. It tells us a story about the modern generation, that accept virtual values, and forget about the real life and the real world. Generation symbol is on the cover of the album – it is a smartphone with a lot of missed calls and messages. The theme of the next song sounds as “the life is not life without a smartphone”. This is a straightforward and uncompromising indication that modern society depends on a variety of gadgets and their constantly updated content.

Also I would like to note how Kissin’ Dynamite increased the level of performing. First of all, it concerns the guitar sound and guitar solos – they became faster, more diverse and better. And, of course, vocals. Now it’s a little strange to listen to the first recordings of Kissin’ Dynamite. Now it’s quite a powerful and diverse vocals.

In general, Generation Goodbye is the most serious album of Kissin’ Dynamite , but it doesn’t mean that it is a bit pathetic and monumental. It is Kissin’ Dynamite, energetic, a little ironic guys. This album has all the chances to attract new fans and please old ones.

The Breakdown

Generation Goodbye
Hashtag Your Life
Highlight Zone