Reamonn Eleven Live & Acoustic


Reamonn is Irish name given to Raymond. Reamonn is a German rock band which was formed in 1997. The first title of this band was played on New Year’s Eve of 1998. Reamonn has influenced the German rock music massively and therefore it is regarded as one of the leading rock bands of Germany. “Eleven” is also regarded as one of the finest albums of this band which is recorded in 2010. Three tracks of this album particularly Yesterday, Colder and Let the Morning Sleep are casino related. It is because the location chosen for the recording is Kurhaus Casino in Baden-Baden. In December 2010 the same album was released publically at Kurhaus Casino. Maybe not every fan of the band can afford visit this place, but certainly everyone can treat himself by popping in casino website at The sad part is that the band completely split after this release and decided to concentrate on their individual musical careers.

Here you can check out this awesome show:

Rock music in Germany is not that old as some may presume. The history of rock music in Germany can be traced back to 1960s which saw the industrial boom. The dramatic change of rock music in Germany was mainly influenced by student riots which took place in the same era. It has not only produced some very young musicians but has also allowed the current band to carry on the legacy. Late 60s or 1968 to be particular saw massive student riots which also influenced the industry in a very positive manner. The name of Rolf Ulrich can be deemed as the pioneer of rock music in Germany.

Casinos and music are obvious for each other no matter which part of the world they are situated in. It is because every casino has the integral part of entertainment which is provided to customers. When it comes to Germany there are many casinos located in the country. Music and casinos have a long history and there is astounding psyche which comes into play here.


The Breakdown

Falling Down
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