Terminal Choice

Terminal Choice is rock and electro-industrial band from Germany, that was founded by singer Chris Pohl. Lyrics of their songs are written in English and German. Their original sounding is doomy electronic industrial with heavy rhythms. But they used guitars in album Navigator, that was released in the 1998, what gave the sharp hard rock notes to the band’s sound

Terminal Choice was founded in October 1993, for a year and a half 5 demo recordings has been made, that have received very positive reviews in the German music press. Their performances, visual side of which is closely connected with the BDSM culture and mentioned demos were successful – in Berlin they began to determine the fashion in this field of music. Gradually, from album to album, rock guitars began to appear in Terminal Choice music, so that eventually electronics was replaced by a heavy guitar.

It should be noted that such a turn of events greatly disappointed a lot of fans of “old” Terminal Choice, but Chris, apparently expecting such a turn of events, says: “If you wish, you can hear the guitar in all of our albums. We are always put it here and there. Everyone who expects us an electronic album from us, just did not understand the previous ones. ”

In addition to Chris, Jens Gartner was the original band member, he was responsible for the drums and record. In 1997 guitarist Manuel Seling joined the group. In 2000, when Manuel quit the band, bassist Gordon Mocznay replaced him, a year later, Louis Manke became the second guitarist. Now Terminal Choice is the most important and best known project of Chris Paul. This band received a great recognition both in Germany and abroad. Often people compare them with the famous German band Rammstein.  Now Terminal Choice is one of the most commercially successful bands in Germany, due to the success other group members made their own projects, Gordon Mocznay created Mordorn and became the vocalist of Miss Construction, Louis Manke created Staubkind. Despite the fact that all members of the band have their own projects, it does not prevent them from continuing to create music for Terminal Choice. Their latest album New born enemies was realesed in 2006. Already it is no secret that work on a new maxi-single “Keine Macht” is almost complete. It is said that the group returns to their old sound.

This Berlin project is known all over the world. Minimalist dance music, defined as EBM, was not originally targeted at mass popularity, but for some reason more and more people like it. Obviously, as an industrial variety of dance music it is also suitable for concerts and for clubs. You can also listen to it at home being alone. This band gives you unlimited choice!