Unzucht is gothic-industrial-metal-band from Hanover founded in 2009 by its lead singer Daniel Schulz and his friends Daniel De Clercq, Alex Blaschke and Toby Fuhrmann. The original band membership remains the same. In the first year of its existence, Unzucht released the EP “Engel der Vernichtung” and played their first concert with the band My Inner Burning. The next two years, the band performed at various festivals, such as well-known M’era Luna, Masters Of Rock and Hexentanz-Festival. After three years of touring they released a new EP “Deine Zeit Läuft Ab”. It was released on April 20, 2012. The new single “Engel der Vernichtung” and the long-awaited album “Todsünde 8”, which was warmly received by fans and critics of this musical direction. And Metal.de site stated that the record is even better than it is required for the debut. The album took the third position in the German alternative charts. And in honor of that, Unzucht organized a tour, which lasted until 2013. In February 2013 the band played as a co-headlining band of Lord of the Lost on their tour Darkness Kills and in May the single “Kleine Geile Nonne” was released and a video clip for this song was shot. In the summer of 2013 Unzucht went to the studio, where they were actively working on their new album “Rosenkreuzer”. It took 61 position in German chart. After the end of the second part of the tour Venus Luzifer, in November 2015 the band began to cooperate with a large and very significant label Out of Line. The minion “Kettenhund” was released on March 11, 2016, as well as the new studio album Neuntöter, after which the band began to perform at concerts.

In 2016 the ban released an album titled “Neuntöter”. The latest album of Unzucht is beautiful and brutal at the same time. This release became such a discovery for me. Honestly speaking, it is without any doubt the most powerful release of the band. Every dark rocker and fan of metal has to listen to it! Here you can find original songs that sound amazimg. Both, calm and melodic tunes and masterful clean vocals on the side, as well as the harsh shouts on the other, and also the perfect performing of both parts, are undoubtedly a success. Furthermore, the album proves us again that Unzucht is one of the few German band that features truly poetic and meaningful lyrics in their mother tongue and also shows social criticism. I don’t know what will be next after this album. But only one thing I know for sure: expectations are high, but this band always meets our expectations.