Alligatoah is a hip-hop project of German rapper and producer Lukas Strobel. He was originally inspired by musicians from the German label Aggro Berlin. Lukas figured out two alter egos for his project: Kaliba 69 (rapper and songwriter) and DJ Deagle (producer and composer). What is behind this concept and what the rapper Kaliba 69 and DJ Deagle want to show, becomes clear when listening to different tracks from Alligatoah.

Lukas Strobel grew up in a village in Lower Saxony. During his school years, he produced a series of short films starting in 2003 and won the prize of 750 euros at a youth film festival. To this day, he himself produced his videos. On April 10, 2006, Strobel founded the band Alligatoah and created two alter egos to separate his function as song writter and rapper (Kaliba 69) on the one side and beat producer (DJ Deagle) on the other. According to his own statement, he also wanted to be “no longer alone” when creating his songs. German battle rap like Aggro Berlin influenced him. In 2006 he released his first album ATTNTAAT.  In the same year he released a mixtape titled Schlaftabletten, Rotwein Teil I.  In 2007 he released  the mixtape titled Schlaftabletten, Rotwein Teil II. In March 2008, Alligatoah signed a contract with At the end of the year he released the album titled In God’s Name.  The third part of his mixtape titled Schlaftabletten, Rotwein Teil III was released in 2011.

Alligatoah frequently uses the guitar his songs. He often uses quotes or music that reminds the Stanley Kubrick’s movie A Clockwork Orange. For example, the intro track to Schlaftabletten, Rotwein Teil I with the title music of Uhrwerk Orange is underlined. At the same time, Alligatoah are also focusing on the provocation and the challenge of the social boundaries. Nevertheless, Alligatoah delivers Hip Hop of high quality, which in its diversity can be distinguished from many other artists of the genre of these days.
“Alligatoah- is a hip-hop band consisting of rapper 69 Kaliba and composer DJ Deagle. I invented these two imaginary terrorists because they do not want to be completely alone while writing lyrics, creating a bit, video editing, art design, programming, and a lot of another things which are necessary today in order to have a right to be called a musician. My songs are full of misleading and absolute naivety. Sometimes it turns out to be fun, but you should be careful. Sometimes something more it is hidden between the lines. Doubting heroes of my songs are always copied from me. I’m an actor and I’m doing a satire”.
In that way Alligatoah characterizes his work.



Good Things

  • Willst du
  • Amnesie
  • Narben
  • Fick ihn doch
  • Trauerfeier Lied

Bad Things

  • Badewanne (Featuring Dima Richman)
  • Trippersong (Featuring Paff-Meisi)
  • Unten ohne (Featuring Shneezin 257)