Four guys wearing tight pants, leather jackets, high boots, with guitars, are performing rock music, which combines dance motifs and lyrical texts. It may seem that it is a British band. But suddenly it turns out that this band performs beautiful songs in German. Auletta is a German indie rock band from the city of Mainz. The band began with four members: a singer Alexander Zwick, a guitarist Martin Kloos and a drummer Johannes Juschzak and a bassist Daniel Juschzak. The Auletta quartet, at first sight, looks like it consists of all the stereotypes that one suspects in student bands. And of course they sound like that. But their originality, which Auletta show on their debut-album “Pöbelei & Poesie”, proves the opposite. Especially with the melodies and chords, Auletta also dare to take an unconventional succession. A psychedelic aspect plays an important role in the atmospheric songs of the band. Most of them have something strange, quite in contrast to the debut album “Pöbelei & Poesie”.

The band was founded in 2005. However, a serious work as a band began only after the return of Alexander Zwick and Martin Kloos from foreign countries. In 2007 the band, along with Art Brut and Kilian, took part in the festival of young performers Emergenza Festival 2007. In the same year the band won the Newcomer-Contest Rockbuster. Thanks to their winnings the band was noticed and at the end of 2008, they signed a contract with EMI. Then on 26 June 2009 their first album Pöbelei & Poesie was released. The debut album had brought them “only” 93th position of the German album charts, but it opened new doors for the band. The song “Meine Stadt” is included in the game FIFA 10. On October 1, 2010, the band represented the state of Rhineland-Palatinate during the Bundesvision Song Contest and took the 14th out of 16 possible places. On August 12, 2011, Make Love Work, the second album of the band, reached the 36th place in the top 50 of the German albums charts.

Their style can be described as something between The Beatles and Franz Ferdinand, a German version of the traditional britpop – sometimes romantic, sometimes rebellious. The band took its name after the Italian town Auletta, where the band members were on the summer vacation together. A lot of people quickly fell in love with the young band, because they transported the British indie sound of the early two-thousand-year-olds to Germany. Their songs are really catchy and I recommend this band to all fans of indie rock!


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