Unheilig – Lichter Der Stadt (2012)


The German project Unheilig has always been associated with the dramatic and lyrical side of the NDH style, giving its melodies pleasantly melodic and catchy motifs, the leader of the group Der Graf gave us the opportunity to plunge into the depths of German modern romanticism. Skillfully combining lyrical pathos and beautiful guitar riffs the band provides the listener good feelings, impressions and optimism. I can say that the band did everything professionally. Did the band manage to meet the expectations – that’s what mattered many music lovers and critics. It should be mentioned that the title of the new album is fully and successfully combined with the theme of the release. Every melody of the new album seems to be imbued with the spirit of the night city illuminated by lights and lanterns. The concept of the album is observed and played perfectly. Let’s face it, every album of Der Graf skillfully expressed the ideological or metaphysical concept of the author. And although these ideas weren’t original, the albums express mood and the atmosphere of a certain phenomenon. The new album also has no problems with a thematic atmosphere.

What I can say about this album of Unheilig? Lichter Der Stadt continues the line of the previous CD, which finally brought the project tremendous popularity both in Germany and abroad. This led to the signing of a contract with a major label Universal, and the subsequent release of a completely a huge amount of remakes and EPs.

Well, what about music? Honestly speaking, I should say that, in terms of music and content, the album is rather amateurish. The album turned out to be extremely melancholic. By the way, the idea of ​​the second bonus CD, which includes the demo version of the tracks that are already available on the first CD, is not quite clear for me. The songs are played pretty much in the same way, so they are valuable only for the real fans of the band. Thus the band remains true to itself and its sound but the new material cannot surprise us.

I want to point out that there are no heavy songs. It is the main disadvantage of this album- hardly anyone can listen to the whole album, not falling asleep. And the ballads are even softer here than in the previous CD.

But lyricism isn’t so bad. Songs such as “Zeitreise” or “Das Leben Ist Schoen” will be great for a walking in a summer day, and if you want to listen to harder songs – there are “Feuerland” or “Vergessen”. All this combined with quite beautiful instrumental intro make the album rather unique. I think that this album lack drive. But overall, it’s a pretty good thing.

The Breakdown

Wie wir waren (feat. Andreas Bourani)
Ein guter Weg
Ein großes Leben
Das Leben ist schön