Cinema Bizarre – Final Attraction (2007)

Final Attraction is the debut studio album by German band Cinema Bizarre. The album features a blend of synth pop, dark electro, rock and glam rock. It was the only album to feature Luminor, who was forced to leave the band because of medical grounds.

Some words about the members of the band. The five boys “living in the network” managed to find each other via the Internet, get acquainted, find out more and find the common ground, after which they went to get acquainted with each other in reality. They were united by two things – they were obsessed with Japanese animation, or anime, and with the love to music. Presenting themselves as real musicians, they left the virtual world and became part of the real German show business, about which they say skeptically.

The first thing that journalists could offer them was constant comparison with Tokio Hotel. Members of Cinema Bizarre, of course, are not agree with such a comparison and don’t like it at all. They assure that they created their image many years ago, when they were 12-13-year-olds. It is impossible to check this, as well as to know the real names and real biographies of musicians.

What should I say about Cinema Bizarre?
Because of the first single I had expected an ordinary song of glam rock band. But I did not get what I expected when I listened to the upcoming album Final Attraction. It is not a disappointment. Surprisingly sparkling Cinema Bizarre come with mainstream rock pop of the finest sort therefore. The song selection of the album is surprisingly versatile and also offers the one or other club-like song – who would have thought?

So, it is the novelty in the world of glam rock. Cinema Bizarre released their debut album, which, in my opinion, is made in this style. Of course there are elements of rock, for example, in the songs, such as “How does it feel” or “Get Off”, but these elements can not be considered a full-fledged rock. In general, it can be noted that the album is made quite good – lyrics are ordinary and the songs are easy to listen to… However, it can quickly get bored, especially for music fans who are looking for something new and original. Here they can not find it – everything is ordinary, (keyboards, electronics, guitars). In my opinion, the producers made a right decision to create a band with two vocals, which complement each other. The album is recommended to those who listen Negative, as well as to fans of Tokio Hotel – they look the same, and they perform similar music.

Best tracks from album

The Breakdown

Lovesongs (They Kill Me)
Forever Or Never
Escape To The Stars