Eisbrecher – Eiszeit (2010)


This album we have all been waiting for, and, to my amazement, we were disappointed. But to my mind, this album is a step forward for the band. Let’s see the evolution of the band from album to album: the self-titled debut album was atmospheric and has brought a lot to the genre in which the band perform. But the band have not yet formed their own style at that time. There was a lot of experimental songs. It was the same with the next album Antikoerper, but the style of the band began to be clearer. The number of hits also increased. Then they decided to work on the sound. As a result, the sound has become more powerful, but in the pursuit of sound quality, the band members forgot about the lyrics. They had very few catchy songs at that time. The song, which gave the name to the album, has become one of the best, as it was expected. For myself, I have identified the most memorable songs on the album such as “Eiszeit”, “Engel”, “Dein Weg” and “Der hauch des Lebens”.  As for me, these are the most memorable tracks on the album. The musicians made an attempt to return to what they did earlier, to repeat what we loved them for. And they managed to do it. In some moments when listening to the album, there are associations with the old creations of Alex and Noel, from the times of Megaherz. The female vocals matches perfectly with the frontman’s vocals. In the limited edition of the album there is also a pretty interesting song “Kein wunder” and some remixes. The last song on the album is “Der Hauch des Lebens”. It is another composition that perfectly combines all the passion and rage of the band’s style. To summarize, this album is the best thing that the musicians did. Also this album helps fans to look at their old work the other way. I give the album the highest score. It is an outstanding representative of the genre.

I have mixed feelings and impressions after listening to the new album of Eisbrecher. On the one hand, any of his songs is performed the style unchanged since the very beginning of the band (except for “Böse Mädchen”, of course). On the other hand, the album is balanced too bad: at the very beginning there are hits, but then, starting with “Segne Deinen Schmerz”, there are not so interesting songs. I cannot call them bad ones, but there is no expressiveness, energy, which you always can find in the creations of Eibrecher. From myself I can only advise you to buy this album, but do not expect too much from it. On this album there is something for everyone!

The Breakdown

Die Engel
Dein Weg
Der Hauch des Lebens