Deadlock – Manifesto (2008)

It is actually a great album! Well, the band did nothing new, however, the songs are really catchy! In general, this album may be called a somewhat continuing of the album titled Wolves, which, in its turn, is very similar to the album Earth.Revolt. The first song catches your attention after the first listening, but I can’ t say the same about the whole album. What about the lyrics, with which you can be agree or disagree, (considering that they are focused only on the theme of animals and how to love nature), what it’ s really interesting that in this album becomes you will find something new after every listening.

Here we can find the combination of vocals. I cannot but mention expressive male vocal. It sounds so powerful and strongly, it even reminds me Johan Hegg from Amon Amarth. Yes, there is a deep growl here. The songs are great, very interesting and memorable, but I had not noticed the hits like Code of Honor. Powerful moments alternate with slow riffs. Everything in this album is connected , nothing prevails to the detriment of some other components. And in general, the diversity of the album allows you to enjoy it for a long time. Among the songs some can be distinguished, such as Martyr to Science, Fire at Will, and the intro The Moribund Choir vs. The Trumpets of Armageddon is also very pleasant to me. And of course, we can not omit the scandalous Deathrace, that includes rap. I was amused by such a creativity and if the band have such surprises in their next albums, I won’t mind.

The notorious rap in the song Deathrace is rather strange. Would it be such a hype if Manifesto had at least an the same number of hits as it was in its predecessor, the album Wolves? And here not only the song is not impressive in any way, but also a change from death metal to hip-hop turned out to be too strange, because there is absolutely no logic in it. But the recitative is good. It is not some kind of attempt to rap, but a straight-up gangster rap with a description of all the horrors that evel people do with animals. Yes, to be fair, on this album everything that doesn’t relate to metal is great! But, to be honest: after the first listening I was disappointed by this album. For example, a disco-intro, turning into an incomprehensible Martyr to Science, or a solo on a saxophone.
PS: You will not believe, but Christian Alvestam managed to perform as a guest vocalist during the recording of the album!