Stahlmann is a German industrial metal band that was founded in Göttingen. The band perform in such styles as Neue Deutsche Härte, Industrial, EBM, the band combines in their songs the hard guitar sound and deep vocal. This band features the appearance of members, they cover themselves with silver paint before each performance to match the name of the band. I found out about this band not so long ago, I heard the song Nass mich lieb mich, and I really liked it: rhythmic music, harsh German vocal… I decided to listen to the other songs and, if I prefer German rock, I should not be limited to the two bands, it is needed to expand my horizons. The band was founded relatively recently, in 2008. During this time the band released three albums: Stahlmann, Quecksilber and my favorite album Adamant. I like Stahlmann for their powerful and hard guitar sounds, as well as their strange, a bit frightening lyrics. And of course, I cannot but draw attention to the cute vocalist Martin Soer. I definitely like his voice. In general, the band is great, I recommend it to the fans of industrial music. And get this – all those who have seen Stahlmann live, know who stands on stage: five men with silvery faces, connecting instrument sound, as hard as steel,  with a deep voice.

The group was founded in 2008 in Göttingen, Germany. The history of the band began after the meeting of its vocalist Martin Sauer and guitarist Alexander Scharfe. Some time after the meeting the musicians realized that they are interested in the same music. Shortly thereafter, the band Stahlmann appeared. They started to write their own songs, then a talented guitarist Tobias Berkefeld joined them. After a while, the team thought about performing at real concerts, having invited a third guitarist and a drummer, they began to implement their. According to Martin’s stories, the name of the band was invented quite spontaneously, during the barbecue. The invented name determined the style of the group’s performances to some extent. In 2009, the debut EP by Stahlmann Herzschlag was released. Soon other bands began to pay attention to Stahlmann, so in their first tour throughout the country Stahlmann performed on the same stage with such bands as Doro, In Extremo, Saltatio Mortis. On September 3 2010 the first single of the band Hass Mich … Lieb Mich was released. On 17 September 2010 the first official album was released, It was named Stahlmann. In 2011, two new singles – Stahlwittchen and Tanzmaschine were released. They were both previously prepared material for the album Quecksilber, which was released on January 20, 2012. On 19 April 2013 the band released their third studio album, entitled Adamant. In 2013, Martin Sauer created a new project Sündenklang, which consisted of more lyrical songs that did not fit to the Stahlmann format. On 24 January 2014 the first album entitled Tränenreich was released.