Die Irrlichter – Elfenhain (2004)

Die Irrlichter is a medieval and fantasy music band. Brigitta Jaroschek is responsible for the main part of singing and songwriting. She is the only remaining member of the band. Since the departure of Christoph Danielec in 2004, the group is a female band.

If the debut album by Die Irrlichter opened for us the doors of the Middle Ages, their second album titled Elfenhain (Elven Glade) takes us in the direction of fantasy (at least, the music creates such an impression). There has been a significant change personnel in the band at this time  – Edwin Meisner left the band, so Ulrika Endesfelder replaced him, and Stephanie Koyp became a new flutist. While the album Koboldtanz, for all its advantages, was, nevertheless, somewhat naive and amateurish, Elfenhain is much more professional one. Arrangements started to sound differently, songs became more various and, to be honest, more interesting. For the first time the band members decided to experiment with other languages, singing songs “Les Filles des Forges” and “Cantum Corvi” in Latin, and they succeeded – both songs are magnificent. As has been mentioned, the songs on the album are diverse: the first song “Aelinesse Na Megil” is definitely one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. There are danceble compositions (“Schenk voll ein!” and already mentioned “Les Filles des Forges”), and sad compositions (“Elfenhain”, “Wildgänse”), changing by instrumental medieval parts (“Branle des Souris”, “Ronde mon ami”). All acoustic instruments perfectly complement each other, and the charming voices, often turning into choral singing, open the doors to the world of Medieval folk. Stephanie’s flute arts are particularly positive. Some words about the singing. The main disadvantage are the vocals of Christoph – if on the debut album, because of his directness, the vocals weren’t  out of place, then here, against the beautiful voices of girls, they sound quite unattractive. The multi-voice of some choruses by Brigitta, Ulrike, Stephanie and Anna sounds quite promising … but sometimes the singing is only two-part. And then it starts to become not so good. It is even worse when one of these voices sings alone in songs such as “Der Weg”, because the extremely small range of voices can’t completely show the beauty of the song.

Die Irrlichter not only had met all the expectations, but largely exceeded them by recording the best album in their discography. And as long as there are such bands, this world remains the most beautiful place in the Universe.