Die Irrlichter – Goldstück (2008)

The fifth album of the women’s band appears to be very powerful and varied. The five musicians present a colorful mixture of dark ballads, dreamy and ambiguous songs. The fact that they are real pieces of gold, the ladies of Germany’s best-known middle-age women’s group, has already become known all over the world. The album of the band features wonderful sound quality, elegant cover design, great photos in the booklet. It also can boast the instrumental versatility. At the time of recording their next album Goldstück, membership of the band Die Irrlichter has changed rather considerably. However, traditional personnel changes do not affect the quality of the material – everything is harmonious, beautiful and on the highest level. Like the previous album Aventiure, that represents us the “dark side of fairy tales”, almost half consists of the songs of different European nations (and it is not only about “Zemer Atik”), and the band did their version of the classic “La Marmotte” by Beethoven. As in the predecessors, Die Irrlichter take us into a wonderfully transfigured world of the Middle Ages. The five ladies are well-known for cheerful medieval melodies – they present us here a magnificent clear sound, which can primarily touch our souls providing romantic-melancholic atmosphere. The calm ballads, performed by harmonic singing voices, carry the listener into a far-reaching world of fantasy and myths. The songs on the album range from fast to more reflective, more traditional pieces such as “Wan Si Dahs”. The album starts with a song “Falalan”, the next song is rhythmic “Dreizehn Feen”, and then goes catchy “Tanz mit mir”. The oriental-like composition “Zemer Atik” is perfetly performed by instruments, not only just by their voices. It creates a nostalgic mood, which sometimes leads to another world far from the here and now. Actually, excessive slowness of the songs is the main disadvantage of the album – I would like to see more variety of songs, and the instrumental ending is somewhat tightened, in my opinion. But it is not a great disadvantage, because Goldstück hit the top of the German medieval-folk charts… and really deserved it. But no matter whether it is a harmonious instrumental performance, a joyous dance song or a romantic ballad, Die Irrlichter can always demonstrate empathy and give us the opportunity to enjoy a harmonious performance.  On this album there is something for everyone. Just a real piece of gold! For fans of medieval anthem, however, Die Irrlichter may be too tender and lovely.