I would like to tell you about a German DNH band Eisbrecher, which was founded by singer Alex Wesselsky and guitarist Noel Pix. Earlier they were members of the band Megaherz, which was popular not only in Germany, but in other countries.  The music of Eisbrecher can be described as progressive-electro-trip-rock. Electronics is the foundation of their melodies. The musical programming – is the way of how the band Eisbrecher see modern rock.
«It’s getting cold!» – that’s the motto of the band Eisbrecher.

It all began after a quarrel on a musical basis between Alexander Wesselsky and a guitarist of the band Megaherz Noel Pix. Alex left the group that he founded, and together with Jochen Seibert founded Eisbrecher.  Noel Pix has been professionally engaged in music since 1996 as a producer, singer, guitarist, and author of more than eighty releases that received gold and platinum awards. Among others, he was nominated for the BDA and ADC awards for his achievements in the music industry.  He played in Megaherz With Alex from 1998 to 2000, and in this band he made up most of the songs. Music is the sense of his life and the diversity of his works tells about the fact that his songs don’t belong to most of the current music genres. Since 1999 he worked as a studio vocalist and songwriter for various projects. He founded Megaherz in 1993 and left the band in 2002. For the band, he was a composer, a songwriter, and a leader. The first 2 singles of Eisbrecher – Mein Blut and Fanatica – were released in 2003. Then in January 2004 the debut album entitled Eisbrecher was released. In 2006, the second album Antikörper was released, and it was no less successful than the previous one. The song Vergissmeinnicht became a real hit. On August 22, 2008, the third album of the German band Sünde was released. 2009 was very successful year for the band: they gave great concerts, tickets for which were completely sold out, performed at the festivals such as Novarock, WGT, Amphi, Zita Rock, Castle Rock.  On April 16, 2010 the new album Eiszeit was released. The new album Die Hölle muss warten was released on February 3, 2012.

The first song I heard was incredibly beautiful song Ohne dich. It is such a romantic song with tender words and beautiful music, with German harsh vocal, that really touched my heart. I decided to listen to the rest of the songs of this band, many of them were quite different from Rammstein songs, because they are delicate and full of romance. I recommend this magnificent band to the all fans of German rock.