Primal Fear – Nuclear Fire (2001)

The project created by the elite representatives of the German speed metal Mat Sinner and Ralf Scheepers with the participation of drummer Klaus Sperling and two gitarists Henny Wolter and Stefan Liebing released the third album. After the debut the band was called “The German answer to Judas Priest” and they are not going to turn off the chosen path, continuing to play a mixture of classic heavy metal and teutonic speed metal.

Nuclear fire … this is the title of the album of German power metal band Primal Fear. After the release of the successful album Jaws Of Death, there were some changes in the band, the guitarist Tom Naumann decided to leave the band and a professional musician Henny Voltaire replaced him. However, during the tour Naumann was replaced by session guitarist Alex Beyrodt (Silent Force, Sinner). Only a hater of the band and a person who does not understand the real German metal will say that the album is boring, or that there are no hits on the album! But we will never believe in this insolent lie and fiction! The album Nuclear Fire is a real masterpiece, and with the third release of such a successful record, I get the impression that these Germans do not know how to make bad material! The album begins with the most catchy song “Angel In Black”, followed by two brutal compositions “Kiss Of Death” and “Back From Hell”, then the song “Now Or Never” performed in the best traditions of Primal Fear. From innovations I can note a power ballad «Bleed For Me» – I cannot call it in another way, it is extremely hard, although there is enough lyricism in it. I was very surprised by the title track “Nuclear Fire” with rather interesting lyrics!

The CD, which was produced by the master Sinner, is full with clear-cut guitar riffs, powerful drums and unforgettable Scheepers’ voice, who, unlike vocalises in Gamma Ray, uses lower registers. All this points that Primal Fear have excelled themselves, having created their heaviest album, which can be comparable only with such strongest creations in heavy metal as Better Than Raw of Helloween and Jugulator of Judas Priest. The band became more melodic in this album.

Otherwise, the introduction of Nuclear Fire evokes only positive emotions. I recommend this CD to all fans of heavy metal. My absolute favorites are Back From Hell and Nuclear Fire. CD is very pleasing to the eye, its cover is rather stylish. Appearance of some musicians is a bit dissapointed. It does not inspire to heroic deeds in the name of heavy metal.