Eskimo Callboy – Bury Me In Vegas (2012)

Eskimo Callboy nothing in common with Eskimos and boys of easy virtue. It is a German electronicore band which was founded in 2010. Their debut album is Bury Me in Vegas.
The first thing that comes to mind is the energy…The band reminds me a combination of Bring Me the Horizon and Breathe Carolina. Of course, these guys are not the first band performing this style in the world, but, frankly speaking, I can not name any band that would combine metalcore with dance electronics better than Eskimo Callboy. Everything is appropriate here, and the songs develop in proper way. The riffs are energetic, melodies are harmonious. Music does not give any reason to be bored or to relax.

Now, about the only significant disadvantage of the album – the lyrics.

Will they change? Should we be waiting for a new album with normal lyrics? I hope so.