Heimatærde is a German dark electro / EBM solo project founded in 2004 by Ashlar von Megalon (also known as DJ Ash). Each album of the band is conceptual. The main character of the mythology of the band is a Templar knight Ashlar, who was definitely disappointed in the service of God and became a vampire. During one of his walks Ashlar finds a place out of time under the name Heimataerde, where he hopes to find peace. However, the Knights Templar want to take the land in pursuit of their own interests. Music of the band is characterized by medieval motifs. The name of the band is associated with vampire theme. According to an ancient legend, Heimataerde is a dark land, a place where vampires come to find eternal life and start their own religion. But not only vampires need Heimataerde. The Knights Templar also need this godforsaken place.

This rock band allows us to completely immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of the Middle Ages and feel all the power and desperation of the Crusades. Musicians use popular electro and EBM in their work, but they add heavy guitars sounds and traditional instruments – cymbals and bagpipes – to their songs.

The main idea of ​​the project was to combine the gloomy industrial electronics and heavy beats specific to the dark electro and EBM, with atmospheric melodies and medieval aesthetics that could be found not only in music but also in lyrics. In 2004 the debut single Ich Habe Nacht Getraeumet was released in a limited edition of 666 copies. The single caused quite a sensation among the fans of EBM and dark electro, so the debut album Gotteskrieger became one of the most expected CDs of 2005. Released in 2005, the full-length album Gotteskrieger met the great expectations of fans – it consisted of a stylish design and contained 14 gloomy and uncompromising tracks that are similar to the songs of such well-known European projects as Suicide Commando and Leæther Strip, but with medieval notes. Ash more densely engaged in music. In the spring of 2006, the next maxi-single Unter Der Linden was relwased. It was based on lyrics by the poet Walther von der Vogelweide, who died almost eight centuries ago. The vocalist Anna-Maria Straatmann from the popular German electro band Massiv in Mensch took part in recording backing vocals. The first live performance of Heimatærde took place in the summer of 2007 at the festival Wave Gotik Treffen, where the band not just performed the program, but even showed the audience a magnificent costume performance from the life of medieval knights, accompanied by a special video effects.