It all started in September 2004 when six young men decided to found their own band in one of the cellars, to go their own way. In addition to these four the band includes the man who is in charge of music production, and the man who is responsible for their style. However, all six made equal efforts to create songs. From the beginning, Hämatom wanted to play metal music. According to the chosen concept of the scenic image, the members of Hämatom use in their work only stage names. Their stage names reflect the way of thinking and character of each band member. Their real names are not important. An inherent feature of the stage image of Hämatom is that musicians appear at concerts and in video clips in special masks, as well as members of the American band Slipknot. However, it is the only similarity of this two bands, according to the sounding, theme and style of the songs, they are completely different.

The first official performance of the band at the festival The Night before Christmas was in the German city of Hollfeld in 2004. Strange appearance was designed to scare viewers of the show.
In spring 2005, the band were writing new material. In the songs Butzemann, Häschen and Kiste the band shows the another face of famous children’s poems. Later, in March of the same year Hämatom independently released single Butzemann, and then (also independently) the single Häschen. This two singles we can find in the mini-album Nein, that was released in September. In April 2005, after two independent releases the band launched a small club tour along with the band J.B.O. In addition, Hämatom performed on the same stage at the Earthshaker-Fest, along with well-known bands such as Nightwish and Manowar. Group released Nein, a mini-album that includes nine songs, which were mainly influenced by fairytales and children’s songs. In October 2005, the band gave a concert at the Burning Fall Festival on the same stage with Six Feet Under, Disbelief and Ektomorf.  In February 2006, Hämatom made their first tour, in which they performed in 10 German cities. The next few years, Hämatom has been active at various venues in its home region in the north of Bavaria. The band also took part in various rock festivals and open-air stages of the country.  Their first full-length album Wut was released in January 2008. This period for the band is a period of formation, cooperating with different collectives, Hämatom is in search of their style choosing from various branches of extreme metal. The band began to use social theme of the texts, combining it with the criticism of certain established views of modern society and reaction to social and political problems.  Since the autumn of 2009, Hämatom is working on creating their second studio album Stay Kränk, released in January 2010. In the autumn of 2011 the third studio album Wenn man vom Teufel spricht was released. In the spring of 2013 Hämatom started recording their fourth studio album Keinzeitmensch. In mid-October 2014 they released the album “X” (Roman number 10) timed to the 10th anniversary of the founding of the band.