Adorned Brood

Adorned Brood is German folk black metal band that was founded in 1993. Adorned Bood is not a typical black metal band. It is a mixture of black-, death-, thrash metal with medieval elements and the use of acoustic instruments, so-called Teutonic War Metal. The band features the second female vocal and flute. Their music is not based on politics or religion, they tell their own stories. Later bassist Teutobod Frost joined the band and they recorded a demo tape Phobos / Deimos in 1994. At the beginning of 1995, guitarist and vocalist left the band. In the same year Adorned Brood record a demo tape Wapen, and a year later, Ingeborg Anna became female vocalist. A few months later Adorned Brood signed a contract with Folter Records and released debut album Hiltia. Earlier in October, Adorned Brood perform in Berlin, Leipzig, Bischofswerda, Rostock with bands such as Ms Stubnitz, Impending Doom, Lord Belial, Persophone.
In 1997, a contract with the new label – Atmosfear Records was signed. In July of the same year Adorned Brood perform at the festival Under the Black Sun. Wigand, the second full-length album, was released in February 1998. The reaction to this album was more respectful, but the limited circulation of both editions prevented further progress. Over the next two years the band had to settle internal disagreements and establish contacts with representatives of the labels. Despite all the troubles, Adorned Brood became the most famous German underground pagan-metal band of the times. In 1998, Adorned Brood signed a contract with Invasion Records again, the label went bankrupt a year later and the band moved to Moonstorm Records. The third full-length album Asgard was released in 2000 and the band opened for Subway to Sally. The next full-length album Erdenkraft, that was released in 2002, received high scores and earned a lot of attention in the music press. Actually, the band worked very hard and it was deservedly rewarded. I can say that the album Erdenkraft is the most interesting work of the teutonic war metal band Adorned Brood. German representatives of the dark Middle Ages presented to the world an outstanding work of folklore metal music, which became one of the best creations of such recognized masters as Bathory, Enslaved and Falkenbach. In November 2008 the new studio album Noor was released, the band stylistically returned to the music of the first albums and significantly reduced amount of German-language lyrics.  In October 2010 the seventh studio album titled Hammerfeste was released.