The project Nachtmahr was created in 2007 by Thomas Reiner, a member of L`ame Immortelle and Siechtum. This project is run by one person, but also Max helps Reiner with keyboards at the concerts. By the time Nachtmahr was founded, Rainer had already become famous for his participation in the bands L’Âme Immortelle and Siechtum. In addition, he worked as a permanent DJ in the club Pi in Vienna. This work eventually inspired him to create a solo project. The style of his music is described by Rainer as “the missing link between the ruthless and provocative power of industrial and the threshing force of techno”. The first album of Nachtmahr was the mini-album Kunst Ist Krieg, that was released in 2007. The composition I Believe (In Blood) was included in the European version of the soundtrack to the American thriller Saw IV. In 2008, the full-length album Feuer Frei was released. The song Katharsis remained for eight weeks in the top 10 of the German Deutsche Alternative Charts. In the same year the mini-album Katharsis was released. The second full-length album of the band was Alle Lust Will Ewigkeit, that was released in 2009. In the Deutsche Alternative Charts the album reached the first place in both the album chart and the singles chart, and was in the charts for eight weeks. In early 2010, the band released a mini-album Mädchen In Uniform, followed by the third full-length album Semper Fidelis. In 2011, they released a mini-album Can You Feel The Beat ?, for the song of the same name they made a videoclip.

The group has expressed a militaristic image. “We are the soldiers of sound, if to draw parallels between the war, life and the role of the musician in it. That’s why we dressed as for the battle.  Art is a fight!” – says Thomas.

Sam Rainer defined his style as “Imperial Austrian Industrial”. Many call Nachtmahr “dance version of Feindflug and Wumpscut” … Lyrics of his songs tell about the wrong side of the human mind, about the ridiculous, twisted society, and some of them can be regarded as satirical. Music, in general, is extremely danceable.

“I do not care, if you are alive or dead, I want the only thing – to see you dancing!”
Thomas Rainer

The Breakdown

Feuer Frei
Deus Ex Machina
Alle Lust Will Ewigkeit