Saltatio Mortis – Wer Wind Sæt (2009)

This folk metal band is quite popular in Germany. Describing this band it is impossible not to mention comparisons with the main group performing in this music genre – In Extremo.

No matter how good was the previous album of the German band Saltatio Mortis Aus Der Asche, the new creation of musicians Wer Wind Saet turned out to be much better; that’s really “they that sow the wind…” and this is how translates from German the title of this album, “… shall reap the whirlwind”. From album to album the musicians added to their music more heavy guitars, while trying to combine them with the sounds of ancient instruments, and do not forget at the same time about the melodiousness of the song – and here it is a unique fusion of medieval folk and modern hard rock, exciting, uniqie, dynamic. Saltatio Mortis creates a rather comfortable atmosphere in its new album.

Wer Wind Saet consists of a little melodics from the good old Dschinghis Khan; a little bit of courage from a little less old, and a little less kind Die Toten Hosen; a bit from the trash-guitar reefs of the band Metallica; a lot of things from very old and very good medieval European music, performed on authentic instruments; a little vocal of the legendary Doro Pesch; and a lot of talent and own ideas of musicians of Saltatio Mortis, in my opinion. There is also a place for touching ballads and hard rhythmical compositions, and there are kind of surprises too. So, while listening the second track Salome, you can hear the queen of German heavy metal Doro Pesch, who not only did not spoil the song, but on the contrary, let it sound magnificent. It is not difficult to realize that the lyrics of the song Salome are based on a biblical storyline, and the song opening the album presents an adapted version of the legend about Frankenstein

The album opens with a song Ebenbild, its main goal, it seems to me, is to prepare the listener to one of the main hits of the album – the duo Alea der Bescheidene and Doro – Salome, since it goes first in the album. The next is entertaining and very catchy song La Jument De Michao. The next is the ballad Letzte Worte, which is very soulful. This is followed by eight more songs, but I will not describe every song, I just can say that all of them are as diverse as the first four. There are expressive ballads and drums songs with lots of heavy guitar riffs.

In general, my opinion is that this album can be easily considered the best creation in this genre for the last time.