Treibhaus is a German electro-gothic-industrial-metal band from Hanover that was founded in 2004 by Curt Doernberg who is the author of poems and vocalist. Curt grew up in a family of musicians, and it is no wonder that Curt chose the same path playing originally as a drummer in the metal band Gutter, and then in Rough Silk with his brother. It soon became clear that there can be no compromise, and he began to write his own music. Vocalist Curt Doenberg writes songs that later became the first songs of the band Treibhaus. After a long career as a drummer in bands sucg as Rough Silk, Donnerkopf, Amoc and Headgame, it’s time when his musical ideas are ready to be realized. After the first few songs were written, he quickly found the musicians with whom he created the band Treibhaus.

In 2004 Treibhaus released a promo CD and the first full-length album Unsterblich was released in 2005 on the famous gothic label Danse Macabre, owned by the leader of the Gothic-industrial scene of Germany – the band Das Ich. Band members were drummer Matthias Liebetruth, female vocalist Kai Rudat, guitarist Martin Blankenburg and bassist Ulli Wellhausen. And it brought glory to Treibhaus and demonstrated adherence not only to all the “canons of the genre”, but also a certain experimentalism: powerful guitars, aggressive electronics, atmospheric keyboards, strong low vocal-recitative and soulful female backing vocals, various technical sounds.  It must be mentioned that for his debut Curt had a very good members of the band: so Matthias Liebetruth from the legendary band Running Wild was a drummer, and female backing vocals was provided by Kai Rudat from the well-known project called Welle: Erdball. The other participants were a guitarist Martin Blankenburg and a bassist Ulli Wellhausen. Yes, of course, it was not without the ubiquitous brother Ferdy, because the recording of the album took place in his own studio Droehnwerk. The band became famous after the album Unsterblich was released. The album found an appreciation  among fans of the gothic-industrial music quite quickly: critics of the largest Gothic publications highly appreciated the debut of the band. The second album Feindbild was released in 2006. In 2007 the band released their first video clip to the song Lied Maschinen from the second album Feindbild. In 2008, the band released their third album Alarmstufe Rot. In 2009 the first live album of the band titled TREIBHAUS live in Hannover was released. The fourth album Alphatier was released in early 2011.

Their lyrics tell the story of the life paradoxes, loneliness and the search for sense of life, death and love, anger and fear. “Time stopped!” (Die Zeit steht still) – this is the slogan of Curt Doernberg, a band leader and poet. It should be noted that melodic breaks with female vocals of Kai Rudat create the special atmosphere.