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Heimatærde is a German dark electro / EBM solo project founded in 2004 by Ashlar von Megalon (also known as DJ Ash). Each album of the band is conceptual. The main character of..


Tanzwut is a German industrial metal and medieval metal band. Band’s name can be translated from German as “the dance of anger” or “dance-rage,” and to be more precise, the “dancing mania”...

Mono Inc.

Mono Inc. is a German gothic and alternative rock band. It was founded by its current vocalist Martin Engler in Hamburg in 2000. Its founders also were Carl Fornia and Mikey..

Terminal Choice

Terminal Choice is rock and electro-industrial band from Germany, that was founded by singer Chris Pohl. Lyrics of their songs are written in English and German. Their original sounding is doomy electronic industrial..


Heldmaschine («Machine for heroes») is a German industrial metal band formed in 2011 in the city of Koblenz. The band was known as Völkerball up to 11 May 2013. Their songs resemble the songs..