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Eisheilig is German dark metal band, that was founded in 1998 and they play something that can be described as an atmospheric gothic metal with the elements of dark rock with German-language lyrics. Their..


It all started in September 2004 when six young men decided to found their own band in one of the cellars, to go their own way. In addition to these four the band includes the man..

Adorned Brood

Adorned Brood is German folk black metal band that was founded in 1993. Adorned Bood is not a typical black metal band. It is a mixture of black-, death-, thrash metal with medieval elements..


Treibhaus is a German electro-gothic-industrial-metal band from Hanover that was founded in 2004 by Curt Doernberg who is the author of poems and vocalist. Curt grew up in a family..



Embryo is perhaps one of the most interesting bands from West Germany, which was founded in Munich in 1969 by Christian Burchard, who played previously in different jazz bands. At various times..



Gregorian is a German band that performs well-known pop and rock songs in the style similar to the Gregorian chants. All songs are performed by the choir of 10 people. Although..